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I think the guy in the video was BS-ing when he said he spent years as an
electrician. All the electricians I know would not be caught cutting a
120V/20A circuit with those twiddly cutters. They would have had a nice
pair of Greenlee nines … :wink:

I would love to see what happens if the power goes out right in the middle
of that operation. I also wonder if that device is actually ‘legal’ in the
US due to rules about not ‘back-feeding’ the power grid during a black-out.
By that things very nature it is designed to ‘back-feed’ during a (forced)
power failure.

But yeah, very cool! I want to see sparks & smoke though.

Dave Cattley

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That’s pretty darn cool.

I also like the Mouse Jiggler:

Plug that into your system, put on a pair of those sunglasses with the open
eyes painted on them, and you’re ready for an afternoon nap.


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> That’s not the one that I’m thinking of, but I think that it works the
> same way.
> As far as your points about the forensics lab, I haven’t really read this
> thread and wasn’t commenting on that, and obviously this would only work
> in some cases, some of which are common in law enforcement/federal
> circles; I’ve also seen a device (custom) like this used to move a couple
> of important servers servers without bringing them down.
> mm

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