Re: RE:RamDisk on Windows7 - Sight, sound, and smell of debugging!

I think there is no absolute approach to debugging software. But when it
comes to tools to use, and techniques to follow there are a number of

What Peter et al. are suggesting is one tool ( really a good tool ) to
use and what Michal et al are suggesting is use use a technique… at
least that’s what I understand about this whole virtual warfare.

Lately I’ve talking to few folks in the embedded area, where board bring
up to porting linux, java virtual machines, android etc. are the
requirements. (Few veteran *nx hackers). Guess what, if luck has it, I
may have to port the debugger first…

On the other side of the coin, I’ve seen people who crafted distributed
logging/tracing, could not debug very well using debuggers. I’m not
convinced about their coding approach, coding patters, commenting and
others ( I simply put that is either job security, or plane dumb ).

So there is no absolute approach, but then again what the F I know !