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Serenum.sys doesn’t do the COMx naming, serial.sys does. your driver needs to read the registry for the port name and create the symbolic link itself. Also remember to destroy the symbolic link during surprise or remove device.


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Now I find out, that IoRegisterDeviceInterface returns SymbolicLinkName:
but I excepted that it would be COMx symbolic link.
I tried to open the device with this returned symbolic link and it works. I’m able to send data to the device. So the device is exposed to usr-land but how can I connect it with the COMx symbolic link?
Do I have to get the COMx link created by serenum.sys from registry and create this link using IoCreateSymbolicLink?

When I get a problem like this, I try to create the symbolic link to test if
it can properly be exposed to usr-land. Most of the time it is yes. Given
that, something is wrong in your IoRegisterDevice…().


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Subject: [ntfsd] usb2serial driver

I have an usb device for which I write a function driver. I used WinDDK
bulkusb source code as base for my driver. I defined in inf file upper
filter driver as serenum.sys.
Driver instalation works fine. The device is installed and in device
explorer I can see new serial port.
Now I have a basic problem, I’m not able to open the com port using COMx
device link.
I couldn’t see any response in debug when I call API CreateFile function.

I made this changes in the AddDevice routine:

  1. IoCreateDevice

ntStatus = IoCreateDevice(
FILE_DEVICE_SERIAL_PORT, // I changed DeviceType
when creating device object

  1. IoRegisterDeviceInterface

ntStatus = IoRegisterDeviceInterface(
&GUID_CLASS_COMPORT, // I changed device
interface GUID

How can I solve this problem?

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