Re : RE: cont... Intermediate NDIS Driver

Hi zelin,
I have a great hope after this encouraging mail. I also surprised like you when i replied by GURUS of this list

Installing Windows NT 4.0 IM drivers is the most unpleasant programming experiance I have had so far. (Installing Windows 9X/ME NDIS IM drivers may be just as bad, but I have abandoned that approach.)

Thomas F. Divine

I know it doesn’t suffice your query, but i provided you of my best.And as a obidient newbe, me too has abandoned that approach and start working on providing solution with W2K’s passthru :slight_smile:

Am I right to say that only the packet management is different. IMSamp uses a series of SLists, eg. PacketSList, ResidualSList, LookaheadBufferSList.
Are they important? Coz passthru is doing fine without these stuff.

I also found same queries in my mind when i closely went through the code. After having a thorough look to the source me too wana take this challange of porting but only … “If some expert suggest that this is achievable with small efforts :)”.


eLitecore Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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