RE: [Q] What does DRVO_LEGACY_DRIVER mean?

To: “NT Developers Interest List”
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 6:33 PM

> Damn straight. Life’s already complicated enough without trying to paddle
> upstream…
> What are the benefits to using the Borland compiler ?

Well, for me, the benefits are…

1) I’m already completely proficient with it and use it for other projects
besides WDM drivers.
2) I don’t have to learn another sets of tools.
3) I build drivers from an IDE, instead of a command-prompt.
4) I know exactly how my drivers are being built.

I use Borland C++ to compile all my Win16, Win32, VxD and WDM code, often
with related targets of any and all of the aforementioned types in the same

> Do you think
> Microsoft care one iota that you’re taking a stand against using their
> ?

I didn’t say I was taking a stand against Microsoft and I couldn’t care less
what they think. I simply prefer Borland C++.

> I think your customers are much more likely to be annoyed when they
> discover that the C runtime for the Borland compiler doesn’t work
> in kernel-mode…

Neither does Visual C++'s. Anyway, I’m not using Borland’s RTL either. My
drivers function properly (and, having done the work to get there, I know
why they function properly).