RE: [Q] What does DRVO_LEGACY_DRIVER mean?

Also, if your image header for your driver does not indicate that it is a
WDM driver, this flag will be set.

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> > If you do not create a device object during AddDevice, this
> flag will get
> > set so that the driver does not unload.
> But my AddDevice() routine is called (only once, BTW) and I do create a
> device – my FDO of course – and then return STATUS_SUCCESS.
> The FDO then
> layers over the PDO and receives all the expected Plug and Play IRPs, all
> the way up to IRP_MJ_REMOVE_DEVICE.
> If what you say is correct, why after removal is my driver unloaded as
> expected, despite having the DRVO_LEGACY_DRIVER flag?
> Another curious detail is that the DRVO_LEGACY_DRIVER flag is present even
> before AddDevice() is called. It’s already set by the time my
> DriverEntry() routine is called.
> Any other idea what’s going on or what this flag means?
> - Matt
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