Re: Proxy ARP in Window NT

An NDIS intermediate (IM) driver can intercept all send and receive
packets (more precisely: “frames”) directly above the data link layer.

There are two kinds of IMs: Filter and MUX. A filter IM sits between a
NIC driver and all protocols bound to it (1->1). A MUX IM implements
one or more virtual adapters that talk to one (n->1) or more (1->n or
even n->n) physical adapters (NICs).


On Wed, 6 Feb 2002 22:19:16, “Saravan Balachandar”

>Hi All,
> I’m trying to implement a proxy arp in Windows NT. As per the NDIS arch,
>the NIC drivers constitute the MAC Layer of the OSI model. Is it possible
>to implement the proxy arp using an Intermediate Driver on top of the
>Miniport NIC drivers. Arp packets are being formed at the Data Link Layer
>level and so I’m not sure if I can catch the arp packets at this level and
>implement the proxy algorithm. Any input in this regard would be of great
>Thanks in advance,

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