Re: Problems using .kdfiles to replace boot time dri vers

The latter; the target has a serial port and some USB ports used for
kb/mouse and no PS/2 kb/mouse ports.

There remains some confusion (in my mind) concerning the BIOS “legacy USB
emulation” that might or might not cause this problem; what I do know is
that the BIOS always uses this and it cannot be disabled.

What I remain confused about is why this can cause problems after the BIOS
is done and NTLDR is running but does not cause problems after the OS is up
and running…


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> . As I said, I can’t disable the legacy USB in the BIOS 'cos our only
> keyboard access is via USB on this system (no steenking PS/2 kb i/f!).

I noticed this earlier, and didn’t jump on it before. How are you debugging
on a target that doesn’t have a serial port? Or are you saying that it has
a serial port, but no keyboard or mouse port?


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