Re: Possible NTDEV Policy Change? Close list to public? Discontinue Web Interface for READ?

“James Antognini” wrote in message
> What I do want is to be able to do Google searches. Searching is Google’s
> business, and I think they do it pretty well. Unless your search
technology is
> that good, I want Google’s.

First, we WILL have Google indexing the archives. We haven’t turned this on
yet, but it will happen.

However, while Google is a good WEB PAGE search engine, it is NOT a very
good full-text search engine. For example, Google’s page rank is based on
how many other web pages point to the page. I don’t think this is relevant
for the NTDEV/NTFSD archives.

TRY the search engine we’re using by searching the the list FROM THE
HOMEPAGE at If you still think Google is better, I’d
love to know what we’re missing.