RE: Page dimensions in GPD for vendor defined page sizes.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, this is on W2k and apparently you do have to
have a standard page size and it must be the default AND it must be the first in
the list of page sizes! After some changes to my GPD file things are working
better. My page sizes do appear in the form database. (I’m not actually printing
yet - just printing to a file). Do you know if this requirement for a standard
page size is going to be fixed?

Thanks again for your input.

“Ashwin Needamangala” on 19-07-2002 12:59:05 PM

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Is this on W2K? There is a known issue with W2K unidrv in that you
cannot have a vendor defined paper size as the only paper size in the
GPD. You need to specify atleast one standard paper size such as Letter,
Legal etc. Also, you need to set the standard paper size as the default.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, can you tell me if your vendor
defined paper sizes show up in the form database after printer
installation? You can see this at File->Server Properties->Forms tab in
the Printers folder. Also, ensure that if you are modifying the paper
size in the GPD after the driver has been installed, you are going to
see flaky results. You need to follow the steps before modifying the
paper size:

- Delete the print queue from the Printers folder.
- Delete the driver by going to File->Server Properties->Drivers tab.
- Delete all the forms that the driver was using the Forms tab under
Server Properties.

Hope this helps.

- Ashwin

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Subject: [ntdev] Page dimensions in GPD for vendor defined page sizes.

Are there some sort of undocumented restrictions on the
dimensions I supply in the PageDimensions, PrintableArea,
and PrintableOrigin? I’m trying to create a GPD file for a
monochrome printer. Here’s a snippet from my GPD file. The
commented out values are the correct ones but when I use
them, that paper size is not available. If I use the
correct values for both paper sizes, printing is disabled.
The minidriver developer tool doesn’t see any errors with
any of these settings. The printer only supports vender
defined page sizes (no standard sizes).
If I use the correct values for the 8 X 10 paper size (as
in the snippet below), that paper size is not available
for selection BUT, the dimentions used during printing ARE
those given for the 8 X 10 paper size!


MasterUnits: PAIR(508,508)
% snip …
*Feature: PaperSize
DefaultOption: SIZE_8_X_10
Option: SIZE_8_X_10
Name: “8 x 10”
% rcNameID: 1
% These are accepted but are incorrect
% PrintableArea: PAIR(528, 662)
% PrintableOrigin: PAIR(24, 29)
% PageDimensions: PAIR(576, 720)
% These are correct but cause this PaperSize to NOT
% be available
*PrintableArea: PAIR(3724, 4670)
*PrintableOrigin: PAIR(168, 204)
*PageDimensions: PAIR(4064, 5080)
*Command: CmdSelect
*Order: DOC_SETUP.4
*Cmd: “<1B>1<1B>CB”
*Option: SIZE_10_X_12
Name: “10 x 12”
% *rcNameID: 2
*PrintableArea: PAIR(662, 816)
*PrintableOrigin: PAIR(29, 29)
PageDimensions: PAIR(720, 864)
% PrintableArea: PAIR(4670, 5756)
% PrintableOrigin: PAIR(204, 168)
% *PageDimensions: PAIR(5080, 6096)
*Command: CmdSelect
*Order: DOC_SETUP.4
*Cmd: “<1B>2<1B>CB”

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