Re: [OT] VS 11 Beta and the WDK

Thank you, it is useful.

By the way - could you tell why the RSS page of the search shows only 20

I did the search for “Windows Driver” as you did,
then clicked on sort by release date. This indeed finds 135 results.
Then I clicked on the RSS icon, that opens the feed page, but shows only
20/20 results. “Show all” command (Alt-I) does not bring more results.
Where I goofed?

– pa

On 12-Mar-2012 15:38, raj_r wrote:

until Doron Holon comes back with a download all link
you may try this script to download all samples in one go

i am not posting the lines here because the script relies on patterns
and it may not work if the patterns disappear or change

hope it is useful
at least i downloaded 135 zips using it :slight_smile: