Re: [OT] the value of driver source code

You should charge for the value of your work. If you do not know what
you are worth, maybe you need a little more time in the workplace.

I was able to get a clients product to market six months ahead of
schedule with five days of work. He gladly paid me 25K for my five days.
I am sure he made it back 10 fold.


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> A very stupid question from a would be professional :
> Assume a compant asks you to write a driver of middle/low complexity (
> example a better MS-sample ramdisk ). What would be your price ( US $
) if
> you have to deliver both the resulting product and the source code.
> I hope I wil receive “many” different responses :slight_smile: .

Actually discussing such a thing would put the discussion participants
the US, at least, in jeopardy of prosecution for unlawful price-fixing.
a good topic on any public forum in the US. You need to price it based
the time you expect it to take you to develop it, plus whatever
revenue you think you might garner from the retention of the source.


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As if I need to say it: Not speaking for Seagate.

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