Re: OT: OS Design, "Design and Implementation of 4.4BSD" Is anyone f amiliar with this book?

Its a good book, much better than Inside Windows 2000. However, your best
reference money can buy is the Free BSD
source code. You dont need anything else, providing you are just a tiny bit
familiar with the architecture of BSD 4.4 derivated kernels.


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anyone f amiliar with this book?

> This is a bit off topic, but here goes. I have recently become
> interested in operating system design and such. I have recently read
> “Inside Windows 2000” and Im a long time NT/M$ user/developer. Im
> interested in getting involved with a project on FreeBSD and would like
> kind of OS insight that books like “Inside Windows 2000” and “Advanced
> Windows” provide for NT. If anyone is familiar with “Design and
> Implementation of 4.4BSD” please let me know what you think. Thanks.
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