Re: [OT] MmMapLockedPagesSpecifyCache: Execption under Server2003-32


Actually no, WDF does not allow “regular” people to write drivers. WDF only reduces the “pain in the ass” for experienced driver writes that driver development USED to be. It’s far from perfect, but WDF is not designed to allow “regular” folk to write drivers. You still have to be an anal glutton for punishment.

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On Dec 14, 2011, at 2:09 PM, Pavel A wrote:

Hi Zvi,

Hope you won’t take offense, but… everyone can write code.
But making it work (and debug when it doesn’t) requires time
and experience.
Watching someone who knows this stuff is very
helpful and efficient way to learn. This is why I advice a consultant.
– pa

On 14-Dec-2011 18:26, Zvi Vered wrote:
> Hi Pavel,
> You are right. I’m not a WDF specialist.
> But I already wrote 2 device drivers that work great.
> All drivers are based on Plx9x5x supplied with DDK.
> WDF is designed so that also “regular” people will be able to write
> kernel drivers.
> Thanks,
> Zvika
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> On 14-Dec-2011 17:25, Scott Noone wrote:
>> “Pavel A” wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntdev…
>>> Functions not exported by the Windows kernel. Debugger cannot show
>>> them by names, only as offset from some other (exported) symbol.
>> Sure it can. The public PDBs retain function name information for
>> exported and non-exported functions,
> Unless some of them are stripped.
> But I tend to agree with Daniel: the bug is somewhere else in handling
> of the ioctl.
> Zvi, please, find a local consultant. There are dozens of knowledgeable
> driver devs in radius of 30 km from you. Many of them also have the
> clearance.
> /* Electronic engineers trying to write a driver often look, er… like
> software devs trying to fix their car or fridge. Let pros do their
> stuff. */
> – pa

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