Re: [OT] keyboard filter driver

Simultaneous cross-posts by two different people, must be a new
record…Offenders flogged appropriately…

OSR List Slave

“Vikky Kishra” wrote in message
Hi all,
I am new to driver. I m writting a keyboard driver to unfunction
certatin keys of keyboard. Now i had a problem in ServiceCallBack
Routine, in this routine i had written a code to unfunction certain
keys as…

if(InputDataStart->MakeCode =3D=3D 0x3b ||
0x3c ||
0x3d ||
0x3e ||
0x3f ||
0x40 ||
0x41 ||
0x42 ||
0x43 ||
0x44 ||
0x133 ||
DropIrp(Irp) // But where from can i get this irp which i want to

I dnt want the irp in which i had made changes to go to class driver.

thanks in advance.

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