Re: [OT] If MS Supported Building Drivers From The ID- E...

Gary, all three of these bugs should be fixed and will be in the next drop
of the debugger in 2 weeks. If they are blocking your work, I can send you
a set private bits, like I did a few weeks ago. Reporting problems to” is the fatest way to get a fix.

If you want details on those bugs:

* The timestamp problem has existed FOREVER (10 years now). We simply
added a warning message which turned out to be a bit too verbose. I’ve
made a fix to the debugger so we now go get the timestamp.
We continually add more warnings to help people understand when things may
be going wrong, and you can diagnose things more easily (can’t wait to get
your “feedback” on our new stack warning message!) And after the BETA we’ll
be adding extensive documentation on the warnings themselves.

* the 2 extension problems are WinXP specific. They are due to differences
in the symbols you get and the symbols we use internally at MS.
These should also be fixed now.
Believe it or not, but you are probably one of the few people that use
these advanced debugging commands on XP outside Microsoft, because you’re
the only person to have ever reported these bugs. Kinda disappointing, but
I won’t go there (I got flame mails last time I mentionned
devloping\debugging XP drivers ;-(


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