RE: OT: how many AV or Encryption products can the market sustain?

Writting a perfect filter driver is very difficult, I know that.
However, please, dont doubt anything about the capability of programmers doing
antivirus and encryption software . Maybe you dont know much about to speak
that way.
Some people asking about file filtering here probably dont know much about
file filtering yet,
but don’t doubt, please, about their skills as developers.

Regarding encryption/antivirus bussiness and market, perhaps you know more
about bussiness
than me, because I am a programmer and not a bussiness man, but I think this
comment tells much, again, about you knowing nothing about this matter.


At 08:43 23/06/00 -0400, you wrote:

M. Castillo,

We all know that there is a long hill to climb from a blank editor buffer to
a working driver, a longer hill to climb to successfully make an AV product
or an encryption device that is secure (c.f. Practical Cryptography), and an
even higher hill to commercialization. I don’t think that I’m insulting
anyone in suggesting that not all the people who pop up on this list with
‘how do I get started’ queries will end up with a working driver, let alone
a commercial product.

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