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> Maxim S. Shatskih wrote:

>Well, actually NMR was called so ( and still is called so by physicists and
>chemists) because it is a magnetic resonance of certain types of atom

More exactly: tiny influences on the magnetic moment (measured by resonance
with external EM wave in very powerful and very homogenous external magnetic
field) of the hydrogene nuclei (protone),

Even more exactly - any isotope with unequal number of protons and neutrons )ones with non-zero spin quantum numbers). Hydrogen nuclei resonance is most commonly used one ( and then the method is called PMR - Proton Magnetic Resonance), but there are others of practical importance.

imposed by other atoms in the

A little more topical issue - NMR is one of possible approaches to quantum computing - we can find ourselves writing drivers for such a beast in some future timeslice.

Widely used in chemistry and in medicine (draws hystologically different human
body internals in different colors, X-Ray can only show bones and vague shadows
for non-bone organs). Doctors call this “MRT” - “magneto-resonance-tomography”.

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