Re: [ntfsd] delete the folder and redirection

thank you.
I found a article,and we meet the same problem,but there is no solution.
Now ,how can we solve the problem.

The article is:
The description is:
a file systems filter driver,in the IRP_MJ_CREATE routine I modified the FileObject->FileName with new file name then return STATUS_REPARSE.
when open a file(and directory)or create a file(and directory),it work well.such as open C:\My Document\XXXX\xxx.txt,it will redirect the path to d:\My Document\yyyyy\xxx.txt.( C:\My Document\XXXX\ will rediret to d:\My Document\yyyyy).and the content of the C:\MyDocument\XXXX\ are the same of d:\My Document\yyyyy.
but when in C:\My Document\XXXX,i select a directory,right click it,come out the context menu,select the “Delete”,come out a dialog to confirm and click “OK”,come out a dialog say: the directory is used by another…
it is the same to delete a file from context menu but can delete a file with press the “Delete” key in keyboard and can not delete a directory.

Maybe the redirection does not work properly when opening folder ?
I guess that if a process tries to delete folder C:\c_folder (and thus
D:\d_folder), it finds some files there. The question is - if the process
empties the folder, does it empty the right one ?