Re: [NTDEV][WINXP] Cute code in AllocateAdapterChannel (Driver Verifier in WinXP)

“Peter G. Viscarola” wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntdev…
> Now to the REAL reason I’m writing… Regarding why you’re seeing
> as the map register base (this is not presently for public consumption…
> please do not post):

I guess this IS for public consumption now, huh? Well, I was being
over-cautious anyways.

Since I’ve started, I might as well continue:

What Gary’s seeing is the result of Driver Verifier having been very
significantly expanded in WinXP.

As a result of this expansion, one of the best things you can do to test a
WDM driver (even if that driver’s presently only targetted to Win2K) is to
run that driver under the most recent build of WinXP that you can find.

Driver Verifier includes lots of new features which we haven’t even had
time to write about yet in The NT Insider. Aside from lots of changes, and
lots more verification within the standard I/O paths, Verifier now also
includes things like lock tracking and deadlock detection.

Deadlock detection was one of my favorite features of OSR’s driver debugging
toolking (OSR DDK) for NT V4. Verifier now automagically watches your lock
acquisitions and releases, and builds an actual locking hierachy based on
your driver’s behaviour. If during execution, your driver violates this
hierarchy Verifier catches this.

There’s also a TON of new support (much of which is still in a state of
flux) for verifying the DMA operations in drivers.

When added to the additional checking in functions like
AllocateAdapterChannel(), GetScatterGatherList(), ad infinitum, Driver
Verifier has evolved into a much more powerful and useful tool in WinXP than
it was in Win2K.


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