Re: [NTDev] WinDbg 2.0.0023

I fully understand that win2K and NT 4 are the primary markets (as well as
win9x in most cases). That is why we spend a lot of time improving windbg
for the shipped NT platforms as well (win9x support is something we are
thinking about).

All I was trying to say is that doing development on XP could be a good
thing for certain people (whole main target is win2k) since they could take
advantage of new driver verifier and memory management features, which in
turn can help track down some hard problems and avoid lots of bugs.

Your test\QA team definitely need to run NT4 \ win2k, and as a DEV you also
need to dogfood your stuff on your main OS targets. But you could take
advantage of new OS features to help you do your job.


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