Re: [ntdev] Why are Dedicated Thread Pools Evil?

For completeness, please remember to apply the same logic to the use of system managed lookalike lists. Exactly the same considerations apply ???

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Thank you, Mr. Corbin. The encouragement is much appreciated.

Ah, yes… The Internet of Things.

Well, ignoring that for the moment… You raise a good and valid point.

Like everything in engineering, the “right” answer depends on its intended use. What I might do in a driver designed for Server is going to be very different to what I might do on a driver for Phone, which is likely also different to what I’d be willing to do in a closed, embedded, process-control system.

So… suitability for purpose is certainly key.

My take-away from this thread: Nothing at all wrong with rolling your own work queues. Just don’t do it gratuitously, and be aware of the cases where system configurations may be small-enough to be affected.


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Sorry, can’t agree there.

Insufficient advantage to system managed look-asides for me to subject my driver to an arbitrary and undocumented allocation and deal location strategy.

There’s good citizenship, there’s selflessness, and then there’s just plain dumb. Using system managed look asides falls into the last category in my book.

I’m not saying “don’t trim on system memory pressure”. I AM saying don’t dont subject your driver to arbitrary trim rules written by somebody else with no thought or knowledge at all about how it will affect your driver. I call that just plain silly. Even on Phone.