Re: [ntdev]:To change page size

MaximumTransferSize is used to specify the maximum transfer request size for
pipe. It defaults to 4096. It can be changed and is not directly related
to page size.

Search for MaximumTransferSize in the DDK to see how to change it.

Why do you want to circumvent this behavior? Very little benefit will be
gained if any, and if the size is increased by a large amount, the
performance of other devices on the USB may suffer. Just divide up your
desired size into blocks of MaximumTransferSize and feed them to the USB.

Marc Reinig
System Solutions

This was to verify the behavior of the USB host control driver
which does not allow read/write above 4096K per URB. I suspected
this to be dependent on the page size and if it is so what is
the reason behind it. And is there anyway to override or
circumvent this behavior of USBHCD.sys