Re: [NTDEV] Speed of list ...

“Gary G. Little” wrote in message
> Is it only me or has the OSR listserver turned from the hare to the
> tortoise? My GOD but it has been SO SSLLOOWWW the last couple of days.

Can you tell me precisely what you mean by SSLLLLLOOOWWWW?

Slow to turn-around postings? Or hideously slow to access via news? Or
annoying slow to access via the web? Or…

Our primary T1 is from PSInet, which as you probably know has declared
bankrupcy and continues to get worse every day. The latency continues to
grow. Our secondary T1 for the list is via Sprint, but due to firewall
issues this really isn’t being used at present. We are in the process of
cutting over all our T1s to Sprint, but this will take more than a month and
invovles re-addressing our public network.

There ALSO seems to be a problem with the version of Lyris that we’re
running on the list server. I’m trying to characterize that problem right
now, so any input you can provide as to what you mean by SLLLOOWWW will help
us here.

We remain committed to the goal of NTDEV being fast enough for folks to
carry-on “near real time” conversations… long delays in distributing
postings are unacceptable… and we’ll do whatever is necessary to fix it.