RE: [NtDev] passthru and MUX sample of WindowsXP

1.) In Inf File: add “wan” to FilterMediaTypes

2.) When calling NdisOpenAdapter, include NdisMediumWan in the MediumArray.

3.) Save the medium reported by the lower MP.

4.) If the medium reported by the lower MP is NdisMediumWan, then you are
binding to WAN. In this case you do NOT simply return the lower MP’s medium
up to the higher-level protocol. Instead, you modify the query results to
report NdisMedium802_3 to the calling protocol.

That’s about it, except for learning (for yourself…) how to intercept,
interpret and use the magic numbers in the source and destination MAC
addresses… :slight_smile:

Good luck,

Thomas F. Divine

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