RE: [NTDEV] Legacy drivers, 2000, and a Compact PCI

Thanks for the responses that I have received on this question. Recent
testing is beginning to give me some warm fuzzies that the hardware will be
found with a PnP compliant driver, and a possible explanation for why a
legacy driver cannot resolve the issue.

(Note in the following that this is a Fibre Channel adapter that uses the
QLogic ISP2x00 chip, and as such, reports itself on the PCI bus as a SCSI

It occurred to me after reading Greg’s response that there might be a
PCI-PCI bridge problem. Not that it is a problem, but more of a hurdle that
the legacy driver could not clear. I broke out the bridge that I have and
inserted one of our cards into it, and then that assembly into the
motherboard. And … what to my wondering eyes did appear … but the
hardware was no longer found on a reboot to 2000. However, if I waited long
enough, up would pop the Hardware wizard asking for the new hardware it had
found, a Bridge/SCSI card on slot 3. (The Bridge itself is in slot 2.) The
wizard then installed my 2000 bus driver for a Brdige/SCSI card and went on
to install subsequent drivers required by the Ids created by the bus driver.
In other words, a PnP driver found and installed PnP drivers across a
PCI-PCI bridge, which I hope is equivalent to cPCI to PMC carriers.

I think the explanation as to why a legacy driver cannot find the hardware,
even though it uses the information returned by HalAssignSlotResources is
the intervening PCI bridge between the adapter and the driver. A PnP driver,
in conjunction with the PnP Manager and properly written control handler in
the driver can resolve this issue, where as the legacy driver hasn’t got the
“smarts” that allows the PnP manager to tell it where it’s hardware “REALLY”

Is this a valid assumption to make?


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