RE: [NTDEV] iScsi

Would you believe that Cisco’s iScsi (yeah, I found one) will only run on
Windows 2000 SP2 with a hot fix for a fibre channel and ScsiPort problem, or
with SP3 - which I cannot find anywhere (not surprising since I think it is
XP). It will not install under XP, even in compatibility mode.

Silly, when you consider that the release dates of the files are 3 Oct 2001
well into the final release candidate of XP, and damn close to RTM. What?
Cisco was not Beta testing XP? So now they have to go through another
release cycle to provide a driver that works under XP when most likely all
they needed to do was insure their version check included XP.

And of course, I being perfect, I will now throw rocks in a glass house.

Thus sprach da homophone (damn … gotta be careful with that word!!)

Gary G. Little
Broadband Storage, Inc.

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Is anyone working on an iScsi driver for NT 4 or 2000 for standard Ethernet
or Gigabit adapters?

Gary G. Little
Broadband Storage, Inc.

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