Re: [NTDEV] GetScatterGatherList

“Gary Little” wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntdev…
> When using the new GetScatterGatherList function, is it possible to do
> concurrent IO, where the sum total of all requested map registers is less
> than the maximum map registers defined?

Yes. In fact, (if I remember correctly) you can process concurrent I/O
requests, so long as any ONE request doesn’t exceed the maximum map
registers value returned by IoGetDmaAdapter().

> Will GSGL return a new SGList
> pointer for each IO request and SGList it generates?


Aside: IoGetScatterGatherList is HIGHLY preferable to
IoAllocateAdapterChannel() for almost every use, for a ton of reasons. It’s
one limitation is that it is not available on any Win9x platform (and yes,
that means it’s not on Windows ME). It’s a WDM V1.1 function only.

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