Re: ntdev digest: September 26, 2016

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NTDEV Digest for Monday, September 26, 2016.

Subject: Re: Does Windows Update basically not work any more for Windows 7?
From: Alan Adams
>Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 09:31:47 -0600
>“Gregory G Dyess” wrote:
> > I often install fresh copies of Windows 7 in VMs for various development
> > work for different clients or to completely isolate build environments.
> > I have found that once the Win7 SP1 image is installed and Windows Update
> > is run, it takes 2 DAYS (connected and running solid for 48 hours) for it
> > to find all the updates and start the downloads. During this period there
> > is no network activity.
>This is my experience as well for the past 1.5+ years, and why the
>pointed reference to KB3102810 was made.
>I’ve built clean Windows 7 SP1 VMs as recently as last month, and they
>were all able to use Windows Update successfully, and in a “reasonable
>time frame” relative to the number of updates that had to be applied.
>But it requires downloading and applying KB3102810 from the Windows
>Catalog first, before allowing any actual Windows Update processing
>attempt to be made.
I may be late to this since I only get the digest, but:

Since the topic of WU breakage came up, those affected by this might
be interested in this piece from Network World: