RE: ntdev digest: April 16, 2001

Thanks Miguel. I wound up trashing the original 2K installation, and
NT4 on a FAT, followed by Win2K in a separate directory on that FAT.

Scott Neugroschl 805-370-2619
Troika Networks, Inc

Subject: Re: OT: Dual Boot Downgrade?
From: “Miguel Monteiro”
> Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 17:50:56 +0100
> X-Message-Number: 16
> Hi, Scott.
> Maybe there is - maybe not. Check this article:
> Essential information from above is:
> -You may consider Win2K as “NT 5”; in fact, Win2K introduced
> changes to the NTFS - which are partially (but not totally) supported
> in NT4, if you install SP4 or above prior to installing Win2K.
> HOWEVER, in your specific situation you may be risking too much:
> dual-booting WinNT4 and Win2K is not particularly recommended,
> but if you really need to:
> -Backup things first;
> -Move slowly and carefully;
> -If things go wrong and you must take a fresh start, install
> NT 4 first,
> then SP4 or above (I recommend SP6), finally Win2K - that’s my
> advice, I’ve seen the devil… :wink:
> Miguel Monteiro
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