Re: [ntdev][basic] Question on synchronization objects available in kernel space.

Cisco has CCxy tests. I heard the CCIE lab is hard.

Hiring and switching employer are major risks…

On Saturday, May 7, 2011, James Harper wrote:
>> I think there should be some PE ( professional engineer) type
> licensing in the
>> computer science and engineering. And it should be invalidated every 5
> or 10
>> years. That way it would be much more straight forward to select
> hiring
>> candidate. Other classical engineering has this PE exam. And if needed
> there
>> should be specialized field ( or call it elective) exam.
> Well there is for specific vendors… kind of. MSCE is supposed to mean
> you have a basic understanding of how a windows based network of
> machines goes together, but based on my experience of MSCE’s is that all
> it really means is that at a minimum you know how to pass an MSCE exam,
> and you can do that by cramming the night before without knowing
> anything much about windows networking at all.
> Maybe in such a case during the interview process it might be useful to
> ask a few obvious MSCE style questions if the candidate says they have
> an MSCE. The answer might help you weed out the people who crammed for
> an MSCE exam and passed without understanding the material.
> IMHO, even with the best interview technique there is still an element
> of luck in selecting the right person for job unless you are going to
> spend days per person on it.
> James
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