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> 1. When using the protocol reserved area of NDIS_PACKET, there seems to
> confusion as to the sizes these can be. 16 bytes or more than 16 bytes
> is the question?. Can somebody clarify the size that this “variable
> can be” on both NT4 and W2K for both sends and receives?
The Windows 2000 DDK documentation has been systematically revised to show
the correct value: “at least 16 bytes”. This applies to Windows NT as

Whistler docs available at eventually cleared confusion
and states:

Specifies the number of bytes to be allocated for the
ProtocolReserved array of each packet descriptor. For packet descriptors to
be used in receive indications, this parameter is 4*sizeof(PVOID).

This is consistent with “at least 16 bytes” which is IMHO true for all NT
versions. To be consistent with all docs you can use exactly 16 bytes :slight_smile: As
stated above, it is only for receive indications which makes sense, I see no
reason there should be any such restriction for packets sent from protocol

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Michal Vodicka
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