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There are two main issues here:

1.) Adapting the IM driver to work in the Win98/WinME environment.
2.) Installing the IM driver.

Adapting the IM driver to work in the Win98/WinME environment is actually
the easiest part - except for PPP adapter considerations. WDM functionality
can be used on Win98/WinME - except that READ/WRITE is not supported; you
must use only DeviceIoControl.

Your IM driver needs to be built under the Windows 2000 DDK. You must adapt
your driver to operate without the use of NDIS library functions that are
not supported on those platforms. Each Win98/WinME platform supports a
different subset of NDIS5 functionality (a mess…). One way to determine
which functions you must eliminate is to use the WDMCHECK utility from
Walter Oney http:. As a first step you would copy your
IM driver .SYS file to (for example) Windows ME. Then run WDMCHECK against
your IM driver and record the unsupported functions. Do the same on other
flavors of Win98 until you have a complete list of functions to eliminate.

Then revise your driver to eliminate the use of the unsupported functions
and you should be fairly close.

Concerning Installation, take a look at the ATMLANE Win98/ME .INF. It may be
possible to adapt that to install your driver. Installation is the HORRIBLE
part that may make the use of NDIS IM drivers on those platforms impractical
(except for Microsoft…).

Microsoft may also have a sample that you could ask for…

PCAUSA uses alternate techniques for filtering on Win9X/WinME.

Good luck,

Thomas F. Divine

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From: Hamidreza Habibi
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Subject: [ntdev] NDIS IM Driver portability

> Hi all,
> Is it possible to port a w2k IM Driver to win98 and
> win me ???
> Which points must be considered when designing the
> driver for w2k so that porting is possible?
> thanks for you help
> johnny

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