Re: MS Netmon and Packet.sys -- supporting multi plat- forms

Hi !

I know it’s an NDIS 3 protocols, but:

  1. Why does it work on 2000 when I compile it on 2000, and doesn’t work
    when compiled on NT (and vice versa: it doesn’t work on NT when compiled
    on 2000).

  2. How does Microsoft open the NIC in promiscuous mode?
    Don’t they do it using a driver?
    What kind of driver? Can I do the same?


  • Barak

Barak Mandelovich
Mercury Interactive ltd. 19 Shabazi St.

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(I didn’t try it on XP yet, but I believe it’ll work), while the
must be compiled for different platforms ?

Packet.sys is NDIS3 protocol - maybe the problem is there?


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