RE: Latest WinDbg : Where to get .pdb to view memory cont-ents

PDB is program data base files. These files are generated during the build
process. In Visual Studio, tell the linker you want to “Use program
database” on the Customize page of Settings. You may also need to set the
compiler’s Debug info setting to C7 compatible.

I’m sure you can do this using the BUILD utility also. But I’m not sure what
the settings would be in the sources file.

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I was using the latest WinDbg… When I wanted to check the
contents of some virtual address [ which is presently in the
it always gave an error mesg saying that some of the .pdb
files are old
and hence could not show the memory contents… So from
where do I get
the latest .pdb files for this WinDbg besides that what are
concerned .pdb’s…


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