RE: Kernel mode device driver problem - KeServiceDesc- ript orTable

No, they use SYSENTER instruction instead. Previously it was int 2e. Examine
the second small piece of code I posted (at 7FFE0300).

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Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2001 2:54 AM
Subject: [ntdev] RE: Kernel mode device driver problem -
KeServiceDesc ript orTable

The invocation of interrupt 2F used to be the second instruction of every
NTDLL export (with the first instruction loading the system service call
number into the EAX register). In XP it would appear that now the NTDLL
export mills around for a few instructions before jumping to an entirely
different location in the DLL, at which point the interrupt gets invoked.
can’t really see any value in this change other than making it harder for
people to do what you’re trying to do…)

> :u ZwCreateProcess
> _NtCreateProcess
> 001B:77F7E6A3 B82F000000 MOV EAX,0000002F
> 001B:77F7E6A8 BA0003FE7F MOV EDX,7FFE0300
> 001B:77F7E6AF C22000 RET 0020
> :u 7FFE0300
> 001B:7FFE0300 8BD4 MOV EDX,ESP
> 001B:7FFE0302 0F34 SYSENTER
> 001B:7FFE0304 C3 RET

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