RE: Is there a simple way to retrieve a DOS path like C:\dir1\file1 usin


I would recommend you to use MmGetSystemRoutineAddress. The platform is not
necessarily constant, so IMHO is better to check whether
IoVolumeDeviceToDosName is present, and to use RtlVolumeDeviceToDosName

Anyway I prefer to use Volume GUID names and translate the path to Win32 in
user mode, as there are volumes without a DOS drive assigned.


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Asunto: [ntfsd] Is there a simple way to retrieve a DOS path like
C:\dir1\file1 using FltMgr?

I couldn’t find a function in the filter manager to get a DOS drive name. If
I call RtlVolumeDeviceToDosName or IoVolumeDeviceToDosName, I need get the
device object of a volume. Although it seems not a problem to get the device
object based a volume name, the approach involves to check the platform
version in order to call the functions properly. If there is a direct and
simple way to get it, please provide the information.

Thanks in advance,


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