Re: IoRegisterFsRegistration-Change

This is owing to a bug in tnt 4.0-. The IO manager references the dfirst
device object owned by the driver when this call is made. Win2K fixes this
by referencing the driver object instead of the first device object.


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Subject: [ntfsd] IoRegisterFsRegistration Change

> Hi,
> I found the following question in the past NTFSD archives and
> I have the same problem now.
> Is this because calling IoRegisterFsRegistrationChange() causes
> the reference count on our device object to be increased?
> Any help is greately appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Takashi.
> >I have written a driver which is loaded at boot start. I create a
> >link to the device so I can communicate with it using a Win32
application. The
> >application uses CreateFile() with GENERIC_READ and GENERIC_WRITE flags
> >specified and gets a handle to the loaded device with no problems.
However, I
> >have now added a call to IoRegisterFsRegistrationChange() to be able to
> >on top of the file system and now when the Win32 application is run I get
> >Access Denied at the call to CreateFile(). I have removed the
> >call and everything is once again OK. Can anyone help me with this. Is it
> >because the driver is now layered on the file system that I can no longer
> >access it using the symbolic link?