Re: I want to use NT native api's which are declared in ntddk.h

At 14.51 16/04/2002, you wrote:

I want to use Native api’s from ntdll which are declared in ntddk.h When I
include ntddk.h & ntdll.lib in my application it gives 102 error’s ,but I
have some samples which are using ntddk.h. This samples are simple
projects of vc++(I have got them from the book UnDocumented Windows NT by
prasad dabak ,sandeep phadke ).But they are not getting compiled ,it
leaves error’s such as PULONG is undeclared identifier.
I know I can use NT native api just by goving it’s proto. instead of
ntddk.h but I just want to compile that sample.
How can I do it ??

ReactOS (open source NT clone) has DDK headers that can be used from
user-mode applications with no problem:


Download the source code zip, or get the source through CVS. The files you
need are in reactos/include (remember to use forward slashes if getting the
source with CVS). Add this directory to your include path, then just
#include where needed