RE: How to reobtain a file handle from file object pointe r in driver?


what you can do is always open a handle and its object in a system context.

Next time you have to use it, if you are called not in system context,
you can call ObOpenObjectByPointer, that will give you context safe handle.
Note that you have to close this handle once you opened it.

When you are done with the handle, you can close it in the system context.

Note, that you do not have to open handle in the system context, but you
have to open
it in the known context so you can close it in the same context, and also
determine if
you have to call ObOpenObjectByPointer, when you need to use this handle


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Hi all,
Did any one know how to reobtain a handle from file object in different
context other than the one that the file was created and Obreferenced.

Thanks for your help.


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