Re: How to Execute An Application from Kernel Driver..

At 19.54 22/04/2002, you wrote:

The main reason you never want to do this is security. Apps run in their
own process space, kernel mode components all share one resource space if
you will. Thus bringing a user-mode app to kernel-mode now allows that
app, which would normally be sheltered from interfering with other apps or
kernel-mode components, to blow away the world if it mis-behaves. So,
running user-mode code is made intentionally hard in NT and NT based OSes.
This is a good thing.

Nothing of that makes any sense. It’s hard only because NT is complex, and
you have to understand every step of process creation to make it work. No
security issue. Just create or duplicate an appropriate primary token for
the process if you’re that concerned about the privileges the process
should have