RE: how to copy/paste a block of memory dump from softice- to windows

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I need to copy/paste a block of memory dump from soft ice dos
like screens
and save it to some file in say notepad, to send it to HW
company. It is a
DMA memory dump, but till now I have not been able to paste
it anywhere
outside softice, even not been able to copy more than one line.

Is it possible at all? any other way?

Excerpt from SoftICE help system:

Pressing PRINT SCREEN dumps all the information from the SoftICE screen to
your printer. By default, the printer port is LPT1. Use the PRN command to
change your printer port. Since SoftICE accesses the hardware directly for
all of its I/O, Print Screen works only on printers connected directly to a
COM or LPT port. It does not work on network printers.

/* cla: The following is what you want…*/

If you do not want to dump the information directly to a printer, you can
save the SoftICE history buffer to a file. In the SoftICE Symbol Loader,
choose SAVE SOFTICE HISTORY AS . . . from the File menu. For more
information, see Using SoftICE.


Best of luck,


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