RE: How can I disable the READ-AHEAD feature using a devi-ce driver

Add flag IRP_NOCACHE to Irp->Flags before passing it to target file system
This will disable cache and read-ahead.


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Subject: [ntfsd] How can I disable the READ-AHEAD feature using a
device driver

I need to disable the Read-Ahead feature of Windows NT. I understand that
this can be done using the appropriate flags in the CreateFile API.
My problem is, that I’m writing a device driver and I’m not responsible
using the CreateFile API, but rather I (the device driver) get file system

calls from the User that might trigger the Read-Ahead feature (as a result

of sequential reads).
My question is: How do I disable the Read-Ahead feature for every thread
that uses my device driver (meaning that I can’t use the CreateFile

Many thanks, Alon.

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