Re: hiding directories and files using OS level support features [was: sid and process name lenghts]

Ricardo Vargas wrote:

The \??\ notation works unless one is forced to write code for win9x. On
NT one can always use the unicode version of the call and go beyond 260

… or you want compatibility with other platforms, or you want to use
the standard Windows open file dialogs, or a bunch of other reasons.

It shouldn’t be necessary to use a completely nonstandard pathname hack
simply to open files. This needs to be fixed. How many developers even
know that hack exists?

Win9x compatibility is a poor excuse to write software that goes into
infinite loops or crashes trying to iterate on folders with a total length
of more than MAX_PATH.

Nobody is talking about infinite loops or crashing… where did you get
that from?

The OS limits the pathname, not the applications. The applications take
their cues from their environment. Fix the OS, and the applications
will follow.