RE: Help needed regarding Sbp2port.sys access from Win32 calls in Application Space

Starting from Windows XP, sbp2port creates a symbolic link like \DosDevices\Sbp2&LUNx&xx&Instancex for its PDO.


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Subject: [ntdev] Help needed regarding Sbp2port.sys access from Win32 calls in App lication Space

OK -
I have been searching for days on this topic, found lots of other people like me who got to the same level of frustration that I have over this question. So I’ll ask it and hope one of you can shed some light on the topic.
Does sbp2port.sys support applications interfacing with it via CreateFile(), and passing SCSI Pass-through IOCTLS to it (Hence - No need to ever write any customer kernel mode stuff, just application).
We spoke to Microsoft months back, and got the impression that this was possible. The Documentation on this topic hints that this is something one would do.
Anyone have an experience with this
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