Re: Fundamentally not understanding the nature of IRPs and threads

I’m a newbie too, so may be wrong. I believe other threads will be allowed
to use the dispatch routine while one Irp is pending. However, I also think
that the IOMgr does not properly handle marking certain Major codes as
pending. On NT4, I’ve had troubles getting the IOMgr to wake up a thread
after completing a pending Create.


At 12:29 PM 5/6/00 +0100, you wrote:

These following may sound stupid to you seasoned veterans out there, but I’m
having issues with it all. Essentially, I think I misunderstand how IRPs
work in the context of different threads.

Am I correct in saying that if I set a completion routine for an IRP (that
can be synchronous) and use events to wait for completion of that IRP in my
dispatch routine, other IRPs for other threads that come through this
dispatch routine will still be processed concurrently and that the wait will
only suspend the calling thread, and not hold up the whole system? Or will
all other IRPs directed to the dispatch routine simply be queued by the I/O
Manager until the wait is satisfied and the dispatcher is free to continue
processing them?

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