Re: Does Microsoft TCP implementation serialize Clien tEventChainedRec eive?

Thanks Max, I did not read DDK doc carefully and was influenced by


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ClientEventChainedRec eive?

Does Microsoft TCP implementation serialize
ClientEventChainedReceive?>My question is, naturally, does Microsoft
TCP protocol driver serialize the ClientEvent

(Chained)ReceiveXXX to TDI client? If not, are those callbacks
supported for TCP?

Yes. The documentation is a bit vague on this, but says:

“The transport does not call ClientEvent(Chained)Receive while the
client has an outstanding normal receive request or has rejected
previously indicated data for a particular incoming normal receive
until that receive is done. However, a transport that supports
expedited data can call ClientEvent(Chained)Receive(Expedited) in the
process of indicating a normal TSDU if an expedited TSDU comes in from
the remote-node peer.”

The successful socket implementations were relying on fact that
ChainedReceiveEvent is never called in reentrant way.


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