RE: Different behavior in FltParseFileNameInformation

Yes, we did change how FltParseFileNameInformation worked. Filter
manager was first released on XP SP2 and after it was released we found
this bug that the parent directory wrongly contained the share name. We
knew there might be some compatibility issues but decided it needed to
be fixed.

I am not sure I would use the work Tacky but I agree with Ken that we
should do a better job of letting you know if we make this kind of a
breaking change. Hopefully there won’t be any more like this.

Note that this issue only exists in XP SP2. The Srv03 SP1 and W2K
versions of filter manager had the correct behavior from the beginning.

In case anyone is not aware of this there is an available filter manager
QFE for XP SP2 that fixes several known issues (including this one).
The KB is 914882. This QFE makes the XP SP2 version of filter manager
functionally equivalent to the Srv03 Sp1 and W2K versions.

On a separate note Molly, after five months of paternity leave, decided
to try something different inside of Microsoft. She is no longer in the
Core File Systems group which is why you have not heard from her in a

As Tony has mentioned a couple of times we have been very busy trying to
get Vista released which is why you have not heard much from me or the
other devs in the file system group over the last 6 or so months.

Neal Christiansen
Microsoft File System Filter Group Lead
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This question has been asked before on the list:
Since noone replied me, I asked Molly during IFS Plugfest #13 (a year
to fix it. Next builds shouldn’t contain that bug.

workaround is actually compare ParentDir with Share (on
\LanmanRedirector) – I think it affects Win SP2 version of fltmgr.sys

Petr Kurtin

“Ken Cross” wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntfsd…
> NTFSD Folk:
> The ParentDir returned from FltParseFileNameInformation() appears to
> changed when parsing a remote filename. Previously (a year or so
> I’d
> get this:
> Name: \Device\LanmanRedirector\fkserver\vss\dir\x.c
> Volume: \Device\LanmanRedirector
> Share: \fkserver\vss
> ParentDir: \fkserver\vss\dir<br>>
> Note that the share is included in ParentDir. This was contrary to
> documentation, but was what I got, so I handled it. Now I’m getting:
> Name: \Device\LanmanRedirector\fkserver\vss\dir\x.c
> Volume: \Device\LanmanRedirector
> Share: \fkserver\vss
> ParentDir: \dir<br>>
> This is consistent with the documentation, but it’s different than
> Can somebody from Microsoft confirm that this was changed/fixed at
> point? What platforms and/or hotfixes are affected?
> Are you there, Molly?
> Ken

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