Re: Debugging a driver at boot time using nt pc in de ubg mode and a terminal program

He needs what he needs… I normally don’t question peoples’ desires, the
customer’s always right. Also, if Windbg solves his problem, so will
SoftICE, in fact, if he wants to use SoftICE he doesn’t need that second
machine, whatever flavor of Windows it might run. And indeed, we do have a
remote Dosbox program that can drive a remote SoftICE from a Win9x box.

The other day a customer asked us for SoftICE for DOS. It just happens that
we still ship it in the CD, so, no problem. While I did not question their
motives, I was curious as to the reason. Well, they’re testing disk drives
and they don’t want to have to go through the whole rigmarole of setting up
a Windows platform to do that - so, they package SoftICE for DOS, what do
you know, within a DOS diskette, and give it to their people. Pop the
diskette into the box, press reset, done.

So, again - the customer’s always right.


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“Moreira, Alberto” wrote in message
> There are certain debugging situations where there’s no substitute to a
> command line !

And just how did that address the OP’s desire to use a terminal program
hosted on Win98, or my astonishment that anyone would want to use Win98 for
such a thing, or whether or not SoftICE would meet his need? If there was
ever any situation where a bit of self-promotion would have been appropriate
(and welcome), this was it.


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