Re: Debugging a driver at boot time using nt pc in de ubg mode and a terminal program

There are certain debugging situations where there’s no substitute to a
command line !


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“Robert Fernando -ntlworld” wrote in message
> Hi all,
> Normally when you debug the load up sequence of a windows 2k PC you must
> have two NT PC running which are connected via serial link.
> Is it possible to have one NT PC running in debug mode hosting the driver
> being debugged , with the debug messages being sent via the serial link to
> terminal program ?
> The terminal program would be hosted on a win 98 PC

Now why would you be so married to Win 98 that you would want to make your
life so difficult? If you have the hardware, what is keeping you from using
W2K or even XP on your debugger host?

If you just refuse to use the right host OS, another option is SoftICE. I
know that SoftICE works on Win9X. I also know that it supports remote
debugging. I don’t know if it supports remote debugging using Win9x as the


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